Gas Detector Calibration

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Frederick Supply Gas Detector Calibration Service

(301) 698-2509

(RKI GX2012 and GX2009 and MSA Altair 4X, 4XR and 5X detectors and all BW 4 gas monitors)

Calibration Request Form

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Frederick Supply is direct with many of the biggest names in safety. As a result, we have many different Gas Detection units we can sell. We have sold and rented the RKI GX2009 and GX2012 exclusively for the last several years.

It is our experience that these units are durable, user friendly, and easy to service. Frederick Supply is now offering gas detection calibration (calgas) service to RKI customers nationwide (continental 48). The price for this service is $125 plus shipping. Simply fill out the form, print it and send it along with your RKI GX2009(s) and GX2012(s). We will calibrate and do minor repairs (IE replacing sensors, filters and screens) and ship it back to you. If there is anything that needs to be done, other than calibration, you will be called prior to that work being performed. You will receive your detection monitor back, fully calibrated with a “90 Day” countdown (on the monitor LCD) until your next calibration is due. You will also receive a Certificate of Calibration showing the result of your calibration, the NIST traceable gas that was used and a sticker on the unit, indicating the next date calibration is due. Payment for the service will be taken in the form of credit card over the phone. Please do not put your credit card information on the form! You will be charged $125 plus whatever the actual shipping charge is to your location. We use FedEx Ground frequently for the safety store and they are very reasonable. Please fill in the form below.